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Thyristor/SCR ( silicon-controlled rectifier) Phase Control Thyristors-Kp Series SCR Thyristors
Thyristor/SCR ( silicon-controlled rectifier) Phase Control Thyristors-Kp Series SCR Thyristors Thyristor/SCR ( silicon-controlled rectifier) Phase Control Thyristors-Kp Series SCR Thyristors Thyristor/SCR ( silicon-controlled rectifier) Phase Control Thyristors-Kp Series SCR Thyristors Thyristor/SCR ( silicon-controlled rectifier) Phase Control Thyristors-Kp Series SCR Thyristors Thyristor/SCR ( silicon-controlled rectifier) Phase Control Thyristors-Kp Series SCR Thyristors

Thyristor/SCR ( silicon-controlled rectifier) Phase Control Thyristors-Kp Series SCR Thyristors

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A thyristor/SCR is a solid-state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating P and N-type materials. Some sources define silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) and thyristor/SCR as synonymous.


Product Description

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A thyristor/SCR is a solid-state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating P and N-type materials. Some sources define silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) and thyristor/SCR as synonymous.

It acts exclusively as a bistable switch, conducting when the gate receives a current trigger, and continuing to conduct while the voltage across the device is not reversed (forward-biased). A three-lead thyristor/SCR is designed to control the larger current of its two leads by combining that current with the smaller current of its other lead, known as its control lead. In contrast, a two-lead thyristor/SCR is designed to switch on if the potential difference between its leads is sufficiently large (breakdown voltage).

The first thyristor/SCR devices were released commercially in 1956. Because thyristor/SCRs can control a relatively large amount of power and voltage with a small device, they find wide application in control of electric power, ranging from light dimmers and electric motor speed control to high-voltage direct current power transmission. thyristor/SCRs may be used in power-switching circuits, relay-replacement circuits, inverter circuits, oscillator circuits, level-detector circuits, chopper circuits, light-dimming circuits, low-cost timer circuits, logic circuits, speed-control circuits, phase-control circuits, etc. Originally, thyristor/SCRs relied only on current reversal to turn them off, making them difficult to apply for direct current; newer device types can be turned on and off through the control gate signal. The latter is known as a gate turn-off thyristor/SCR, or GTO thyristor/SCR. A thyristor/SCR is not a proportional device like a transistor. In other words, a thyristor/SCR can only be fully on or off, while a transistor can lie in between on and off states. This makes a thyristor/SCR unsuitable as an analog amplifier, but useful as a switch.



thyristor/SCR according to the shutoff, conduction and control methods can be divided into ordinary thyristor/SCR (SCR), bidirectional thyristor/SCR (TRIAC), inverse thyristor/SCR (RCT), gate turn off thyristor/SCR (decision), BTG temperature control of thyristor/SCR, thyristor/SCR (TT abroad, TTS domestic) and optically controlled thyristor/SCR (LTT), etc.

The thyristor/SCR can be divided into two polar thyristor/SCR, triode thyristor/SCR and quadrupole thyristor/SCR according to its pins and polarity.

The thyristor/SCR can be divided into three types: metal packaging thyristor/SCR, plastic sealing thyristor/SCR and ceramic packaging thyristor/SCR.

Among them, metal packaging thyristor/SCR is divided into bolt shape, plate shape, round shell and so on.The laminated thyristor/SCR is divided into two kinds: strip fin and no heat sink.

The thyristor/SCR can be divided into three types: high-power thyristor/SCR, medium power thyristor/SCR and small power thyristor/SCR according to the current capacity.

In general, the large-power thyristor/SCR adopts ceramic package, while the medium and small power thyristor/SCR is mostly sealed or metal encapsulated.

thyristor/SCR speed according to the cut-off can be divided into ordinary thyristor/SCR and fast thyristor/SCR, fast thyristor/SCR include all specially designed for rapid application of thyristor/SCR, have regular fast thyristor/SCR and working in a higher frequency of high frequency thyristor/SCR, respectively applied to 400 hz and above 10 KHZ chopping or inverter circuits.

(note: high frequency does not equal fast thyristor/SCR)



SAILING TECH (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED is one professional manufacturer and trading company for thyristor and SCR. We are specialized in producing power semiconductors devices. The main products are fast switch thyristor/SCR(KK series)for MF inductor furnace ,high voltage phase control thyristor/SCR(KP series) for soft start. And high voltage soft-start components, which the main technical indicators of high-voltage thyristor/SCRs have reached or exceeded those of international famous brand products.  The phase control thyristor/SCR(KP series) are widely used in high-power inversion 、AC and DC motor control、AC/DC switching、phase-controlled rectification、Active and passive inverter、soft starter

 The fast switch thyristor/SCR(KK series)are widely used in inverters、chopper、inductive heating、Various types of forced converters、electric welding

the company's products have been sold nationwide and exported to Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries and regions.


blob.pngPhase Control Thyristor


Phase control thyristor is a low loss switch semiconductor device.It has a wide voltage range,from 1000V-8000V,Current range 100A-5000A.As a high power electronic components,it play a very importment role on industry.

We design and manufacture various shapes of phase control thyristor.Our phase controlled thyristor include disc thyristor and stud thyristor.Disc phase control thyristor current range from 500A to 6000A,voltage range from 1000V to 7500V.Stud thyristor maximum current 500A,Maximum voltage 2500V.

Our phase control thyristor have a very good low switching loss characteristic,it popular be used on turn on and off equipment.For example,our medium voltage phase control thyristor(6500V thyristor) are popular used on medium voltage soft starter, AC motor drives and high power converter etc.The low voltage thyristor(1600V-2800V) are popular used on low power soft starter,AC drives.

With stable performance,our phase control thyristor also hot used on induction heating furnace.It is always used on rectifier circuit of furnace.Besides,our high power thyristor also used on traction and transmission,excitation,static var compensator(SVC),high current rectifier,high power supply etc.


Phase Control Thyristor Features:

Design for high power industrial and power transmission applications. 

Otimized for low on-state voltage and match Qrr and VT available for series or parallel connections.

6500V thyristor special used for MSS high voltage

We provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of standard phase control thyrist/SCR

Soft start module and static var compensator (SVC)


Phase Control Thyristor Applications:

1,Low voltage soft starter,medium voltage soft starter

2,Industrial drives,Inverter,Converters

3,Traction and transmission,High current power supply




Phase Control Thyristor for Soft Starter Application

With low switching loss,phase control thyristor are widely used on inductry equipment,specially on motor drive.The field of phase control thyristor applications ranges from kW DC driver and MW rated line commutated frequency converters to GW converters for HVDC transmission.

On high voltage soft starter equipment,our popular phase control thyristor part number have KP500A-3000A/4200V,KP350A 6500V,KP750A 6500V,KP1000A 6500V,KP1200A 6500V,KP1800A 6500V,KP2500A 6500V.On low voltage soft starter,the thyristor part number like disc type thyristor KP500A-2800A,Voltage from 1600V to 2200V,thyristor modules MTX 100A-1200A/1200V-1800V,diode modules MDX 100A-1200A/1200V-1800V.

Our thyristor device with heatsink as thyristor assemblies are widely application on mine explosion soft starter,variable frequency driver etc.


blob.pngFast Switching Thyristor/SCR


Fast Switching Thyristor is a fast turn off semiconductor device,also called “Inverter Thyristor”,”Fast Thyristor”.Fast switching thyristor is a very importment thyristor component on furnace power supply.

We supply various shapes of fast switching thyristor which is also called fast thyristor.It is a fast turn off thyristor.Our fast thyristor include standard fast switching thyristor and medium frequency fast thyristor.It’s current range from 500A to 4000A, voltage range from 1000V to 4500V.Tq value have 10-25us,30-50us and 50-70us.With excellent fast turn on-off performance,our fast thyristors are hot used on inverter circuit.For example induction heating,thyristor frequency converter,furnace power supply,inverter device etc.

Along with application of high frequency & medium frequency equipment,fast thyristors require lower tq values.We continuously optimize tq values of fast switching thyristor to meet client’s requirements.

Disc type Fast Switching Thyristors are popular used on metal smelting areas,Induction heating furnace,smelting furnace,ARC furnace,Vacuum furnace,thyristor frequency converter.



Distributed gate design

Fast turn-on and high di/dt

Low switching losses

Designed for inductive heating and inverter choper applications



1,Inverters 2,Chopper 3,Inductive heating 4,Various types of forced converters

5,Electric welding 6,AC motor speed control


Fast switching thyristor for induction heating furnace 

Fast switching thyristor is the core component of induction furnace power supply & thyristor frequency converter.Thyristor frequency converter consists of rectifier bridge and inverter bridge.Fast thyristor usually used as inverter circuit,phase control thyristor used as rectifier circuit.Two or four fast SCR in series in the inverter circuit.


blob.pngThyristor modules

We supply a wide range of  thyristor module,diode module,scr module,power module,fast diode module,fast thyristor module.bridge rectifier,single phase bridge rectifier,3 phase bridge rectifier. 


Power Module 


Isolated mounting base

International standard package 

Base plate insulation using AIN substrate   

Industrial compatible packaging                          

Low forward voltage drop                                          

High surge current Up to 5000V voltage available on reques

Press-pack structure, excellent temperature characteristics and power cycling capability

Below 350A modules are all forced air cooling,  above 400A modules, air-cooled and water-cooled optional



For motor drives, power supply, power transmission and distribution, railway transportation, metal smelting, 

machinery manufacturing, welding machines, chemical industry,renewable energy



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